Video Vixens: Monkey Bee, a short film by Jamie Hewlett

OK, let me see if I can explain the set up here in as short a way as possible. You might remember Jamie Hewlett. He did all the crazy animation for Gorillaz, as well as create the comic “Get the Freebies,” which in turned spawned the coolest show I’ve seen lately, Phoo Action. More recently, however, he’s reunited with his Gorillaz cohort Damon Albarn and Chinese actor and director Chen Shi-zheng to work on Journey to the West, a stage adaptation of the Chinese novel of the same name that tells the allegorical tale of Monkey brining Buddhism from India to China.

Confused? Don’t fret, just think of it as a mini-Gorillaz reunion performed as a Chinese opera based on a story so incredible I actually have a huge back tat depicting the hero.

Anyway, Hewlett just released a short film based on the entire project and you need to see it.

As for the music, personally, I’m addicted to it. And I am neither a true opera fan nor fluent in Chinese. To get a bit better feel for the production, check this out:

Sadly, the production only is playing in London for now, but a guy can hope it comes Stateside, right?

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