Video Vixens: Sugarella and Boo Bass by Pogo

i’m not sure what the weather is like in your neck of the woods today, but it’s a damn near perfect spring day here out in the D.C. ‘burbs.  When things get all spring-y like this, my mind goes Disney.  And wouldn’t you know it, my favorite provider of music that “borrows heavily and in a legally questionable manner from our favorite childhood movies,” Pogo, just dropped two new sure-to-be classics from Cinderalla and Monsters, Inc., respectively.  You don’t just stumble upon confluences of events like this every day, kids, so we probably should all go buy lottery tickets or try to get laid tonight or something.  Just a thought.  To quote a bard, it’s spring again.  What can you do?

mp3: Sugarella (Pogo from his website)

mp3: Boo Bass (Pogo from his website)

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