Video Vixens: The Childishly Adult Version

i’m getting ready to call 2010 the Year of Porny Indie Music. Between covers like this to an ever increasing crop of nekkid music videos, seems like today’s musician is all about the boobies. And i ain’t mad atcha for that.

I could probably do an entire post just on what the Flaming Lips have been doing for their last few videos, but today, we’ll just focus on their latest. Sure, the tingly bits are blurred, but i think we all get the idea. As if the giant vagina ball in the beginning wasn’t going to tip you off in the first place.

mp3: See the Leaves (The Flaming Lips from Embryonic)

Proving that our Spanish brethren are every bit as weird as their US counterparts, i bring to you the latest from El Guincho‘s Pop Negro. Entitled “Bombay,” this one more than gives the Lips a run for their money. More weirdness AND more boobies!

mp3: Bombay (El Guincho from Pop Negro)

While this next one has bathing suit clad girls in swimming pools, i’m afraid you’re going to have to dial back your nudie expectations for the latest from (The) Tony Castles. Of course, this arguably is the strongest groover of the bunch, so i suppose you’ll survive.

mp3: Black Girls in Dresses ((The) Tony Castles from No Service)

Not to harsh your buzz, but here’s another non-nekkid video, yet it still speaks to the Gen Xer in me. It’s an homage to some of the greatest video games of the ’80s, so you know we’ve got a winner here. When you start off with a nod to “Elevator Action,” well, i’m hooked.

mp3: Who’s That? Brooown! (Das Racist from Shut Up, Dude)

Admittedly, this last one has nothing to do with music videos, nor is it particularly adult-ish beyond the very odd boob infatuation, but, damnation, i lurvs me some Japanese TV, and the Ancient Dogoo Girl might just be my new fave character on the tube, now that i think about it. i can only hope that when i eventually have kids, they’ll be treated to such fare as this.

mp3: Booby Trap (RZA from Digi Snacks)

mp3: Turning Japanese (Liz Phair from Juvenilia)

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