Wanna Let It Go by Alias

Alias is back with Fever Dream on 8/30. The founding Anticon member is dropping the follow-up to 2008’s Resurgam, which naturally means there’s a single for us all to enjoy.

Now the track, “Wanna Let It Go,” is a bit of a sleepy beast. A disembodied voice throws out “yo hos” over a slinky, almost-but-not-quite 8-bit synth and what sounds to be a quivery guitar and old skool hip hop drums. All of this is very, very fine.

But i’m here to tell you, there’s something else–the video.

Over just a snippet of the song, we are brought back to the glorious days of early 90s hip-hop, complete with high top fades, leather medallions and steppin’.

First Weird Al, now this. It’s turning out to be quite the Throwback Week.

mp3: Wanna Let It Go (Alias from Fever Dream)

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