WAVEFORM: FreeForm Records First Comp

Thunderation, it has been a good week for comps.  Next up, WAVEFORM, from the fine folks over at FreeForm Records.

These are beats of the DIY variety, predominantly of the late-night, bedroom and blunted varieties.  This does not, i repeat, does NOT mean that there’s anything resembling repetition here.  Instead, consider this your starting point into the world of FreeForm, clearly a world of mellow jams and heads a’noddin’.  Probably a fair amount of booty shaking goes on there, too, but i don’t want to put any ideas into your head.  You might recognize a name or two, (i’m looking at you Somepling and Ta-Ku), and i expect you’ll be hearing more from the others shortly, too.  The line-up includes Mndsgn, RLP, Kan Sano, Sir Froderick, Called Understandable Souls, Fantastikclick & Sport G, Repeat Pattern, 3LLL, Jesse Futerman, Fitz Ambro$e and others who may or may not owe me money.  i’m not saying any of them do, i’m just not saying they don’t, either.  You know who you are, and you know i want my $37.53.  My financial recourse aside, the rest of you cats need to jump on this beast immediately.

mp3: Greenwon (Chris Are from WAVEFORM)

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