We Are World Around, Vol. 2

The main problem i have with getting as many submissions as i do is that sometimes, it takes me a while to post something about everything i want to.  Case in point, i’m a few months late on the most recent World Around Records comp, the appropriately named We Are World Around, Vol. 2.  With talent including Man Mantis, Dr. Quandary, Humpasaur Jones, Zilla Rocca, Louis Mackey, Adam Kadmon, Daimyo, Naturetone and others, though, i’d be a damn fool not to share these spoils with you.  Ranging from straight up robotic beats to angry MC bangers, this one pretty much covers all your hip hop bases.  And with hip hop baseball season just around the corner…

mp3: Take a Look (Naturetone from We Are World Around, Vol. 2)

mp3: Hush Money (Zilla Rocca from We Are World Around, Vol. 2)


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