WEDIDIT Does It Again

Yes, yes, yes, all the blog love is going to OFWGKTA, and hey, those kids deserve it. That being said, the lack of love and respect being afforded to the WEDIDIT Collective blows me away. Yes, i realize one’s a bunch of young’un rappers with a fresh sound and one’s a bunch of young’un beat producers with dope skills, but c’mon, if we’re talking straight talent against talent, i’m throwing my chips towards WEDIDIT every time. Hell, they have Shlohmo, Juj and Jonwayne. What more do you want, you greedy bastards?

As luck would have it, the WEDIDIT site has had some stellar examples of their work up lately, FOR FREE, no less, so you need to get on that.

Ground is Lava (possibly my new favorite name) just dropped his Book of Tech EP in anticipation of a full LP scheduled to come out on the Friends of Friends label this April. It’s just a little bit of an 8-bit masterpiece, if you ask me. If Mario and Luigi smoked a lot more dope, i have a feeling this is what the soundtrack might sound like.

And while i’m not 100 percent sure they’re actual members of the WEDIDIT family, Shlohmo recently posted this damn tight mix. In his words: “From my dudes D33J and Mark Aubert…comes this under 20 minute long recently digitized cassette jumpoff. Recorded one night all live at Mark’s house. 303’s, 202’s, toy keyboards, radios, drum machines, cassettes, and some itunes here and there.”

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