Weekend Plans

Sorry in advance for today’s short post, but I had doctor and business appointments today, so I haven’t really had much time to ponder the complexities of mp3 blogging this afternoon. Since it’s been a long week, and I’m not only exhausted but beaten and battered from my various medical ailments, I’ve decided to do what any sane person needing rest would do: I’ve got tickets to see two hopefully kick-ass concerts this weekend.

To celebrate Friday the 13th, I’m headed to Baltimore tonight to catch Dan Auerbach, quite possibly the greatest axe man in the game today. Sure, he’s doing his solo thing right now, but that don’t make no never mind to yours truly. Tomorrow night, White Denim rolls into town. I reviewed their new CD here and am thinking this could be one of the best shows I see this year. My buddy over at R&G claims they’re life-changing, and the new CD, Fits, easily is one of my top five (maybe even number one) faves of 2009.

Not that I have any extra time to spare, but are there any other kick ass shows this weekend of which the LET fambly should be made aware?

Now I have to worry about taking a nap so that my old bones can deal with this musical cornucopia of awesome excellence I have laid out before me.

mp3: Money & Trouble (Dan Auerbach, unreleased live track from 3-16-09 KCRW show)

mp3: I Start to Run (White Denim from Fits)
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