Weekend Update

Jane, you ignorant slut.

i was in a bit of a rush yesterday afternoon to pick up the Missus from the airport before catching a movie and have since been made aware of a few things in need of updating.

The first one i caught myself. Yesterday’s picture SHOULD read: “Ninjas with Guitars,” not “Ninja’s with Guitars.” Admittedly, it’s not like i made the picture myself, but as someone who received an English degree, that was driving me crazy.

Secondlier, turns out the cats from Music for Your Plants actually are from Estonia. Here, i thought they were getting an in-joke* that i’m probably only telling to myself in the first place, and i was mistaken. Their MySpace threw me off, and they sent a completely sincere and totally unnecessary email apologizing for some reason, but i’ve got to tell you…it’s even better this way. i now plan on adding “…and tropical Estonian instrumentals” to the ever growing accolades following “LET: The world’s number one source for…” on my imaginary LET business cards (Meg has all the real ones, i think). Even MORE well played, you crazy disciples of Brendan Frazier!

(Ed. note: The joke being how this relatively small site from DC is the source for relatively random sources of music and readers, often citing Nigerian speed rap and bored and/or lost Estonians. Don’t ask, these are just the things i do.)
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