Welcome One and All

Nietzsche once opined that “without music, life is a mistake.” We happen to be in agreement with that sentiment, and have subsequently decided to start yet another damned music blog, which shall be known as Les Enfants Terribles. Sure, we’re not French movers and shakers, but we are a pair of music lovers with quite a lot to say. It is our aim to provide you with a site full of killer music that will make you as happy as it makes us.

And so, we welcome you to our little piece of the internet. Bon appetit. -MP

I do believe my erstwhile partner pretty much summed up our mutual thoughts on this blog, so I’ll keep my few cents extra short and sweet. You can’t swing a dead cat by the tail without hitting a blog these days and you probably are wondering why we are cluttering up the Interwebs with yet another. Our goal is simple–to hopefully introduce you folks to some great tunes you might otherwise have missed. We plan to scour the planet to bring you music that either floats our boat or blows wind up our skirt. The notions that we’re doing this to get lucky, score free music, make money or that we lost a bet are highly exaggerated, at best.

Here, you’ll find some music to check out for yourself, concert reviews, recommended shows to see and hopefully some other interesting stuff, too.

So leave your pants at the door, sit back and enjoy. -CD

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