WIZARD SHIT EP by Prof. Logik & ManOfTheDown

Lords of Light, Outlier Recordings knows where to find good talent.  Now gather ’round, children, as you get some schooling.  Today’s episode is brought to you by the letter Geek and the number Nerd squared.  On the WIZARD SHIT EP, Prof. Logik & ManOfTheDown (from North Carolina and Texas respectively), throw magic missiles laced with feather fall, rolling 20s on their savings throws AND first strikes.  What, a beathead fanatic can’t be a D&D playing, Dragonlance-reading freak, too?  Don’t be small minded like that.  WIZARD SHIT is an alchemical journey on an acid-drenched flying carpet, turning leaden lumps into golden beats.  Synths interact with drums not unlike the sexual unions of dragons and unicorns, sans the Brady Bunch rainbows.  This is nasty, syrupy beat music for fantastical beasts of a cryptozoological nature.  Now slip on your +4 Headphones of Grooving and remember, save keys to open doors because Valkyrie needs food badly.


mp3: Fat Beat (Prof. Logik & ManOfTheDown from WIZARD SHIT EP)

mp3: Fat Beat (wie remix) (Prof. Logik & ManOfTheDown from WIZARD SHIT EP)


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