Women EP by Karcy Jackson

Well, children, it looks like my crazy travel schedule has come to a conclusion for the immediate future, so we should be back up to regular speed next week.  As a treat for your patience, let’s delve into the latest Outlier Recordings offering, shall we?  Good friend and OR label head, Alex, continues to find outrageous talent from around the world.  Please meet Karcy Jackson, a Parisian beathead who does wonderfully nasty things to Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg on her Women EP.  Not quite sure how this became “We, the people of France” week here at OB, but with tunes this good, you can just quit your bitching right now.  As we used to say in high school French class, “ton mere dormir avec mon chien.”  i never was terribly proficient in French.  Or particularly mature in class, apparently.

mp3Marie… (Karcy Jackson from Women EP)

mp3: Femme (oddlogic fancydancepants remix) (Karcy Jackson from Women EP)

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