Wurkaholics Vol. 1 by Delano Taylor–Another Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mixtape

Is there a better way to kick off the weekend than another Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mixtape?  Of course there is, but fuck you, it was a rhetorical question.  i swear to Black Dynamite, the things i do for you people, and this is the thanks i get.  Uf dah, i say.  i also say check out this beast from Delano Taylor.  You want be disappointed.  The dialogue samples alone are worth the price of admission.

1. Name, rank and serial number.

Delano Taylor La Flaire, All-Citi Syncopator, #iH8wacKn3$$.

2.  By now, the Odd Bloggings readers should be familiar with potpourri., which i originally described as “blender beats.”  How would you describe your music for the idiots who haven’t checked it out yet themselves?

Suburban excellence at its finest, haha. I wouldn’t say I always had strong hip-hop roots, but it was always in my blood. My junior year, I got a 120 gb iPod and stopped listening to the radio pretty much all together. I would just fill it with everything I never heard of. Coldplay, Feist, Sigur Ros, you name it, I had it. I just emulated what I heard, mixed it with what Yeezy taught me and bam.

3.  What’s the last beat album you bought/downloaded legally/stole outright?

Enter The Hikikomori by Curbside Jones. A must download for any and all anime enthusiasts.

4.  The big names always get the love.  Name a beathead/instrumental hip hop producer/whatever-you-want-to-call-them that more people need to listen to, i.e., give us your favorite “unknown.”

There’s a few names I’d like to mention, if that’s allowed. There’s this cat named rMell who’s really really dope. He’s contributing production on a project that I’m also working on, if I’m not mistaken. I also dig this guy named Plue Starfox out of New Orleans. I’m from Louisiana as well, so it’s always good to see some cats coming from the boot other than YMCMB. Brain Gang Blue out of Dallas is very dope, very different. I wouldn’t really call him unknown though, simply because he’s been linked back to the TDE camp(Kendrick Lamar, SchoolBoy Q). But his electronica infused hip-hop sound is very fresh. Favorite unknown though?
Delano Taylor. I really like my music, fam. Guys like this lurking around make me come correct every time, but I think Delano Taylor should be in every person’s iTunes. Datz just my opinion doe.5.  What’s the best album you own?

Physically, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West. But the one album I always come back to in my iTunes is Merriweather Post Pavillion by Animal Collective (ed. note: the album, not the venue, for the easily confused).

6.  What’s on tap for you this year?  Tour?  More albums?  Weird sex tapes?

If you like my music, you’re going to love 2012. I’m working on a project right now that I plan to release on my 20th birthday this coming April. Describing it is tough. Essentially, it’s me paying homage to the year 1992, my birth year. All samples will be from that year and that year only. Be excited. I’m sitting out SXSW to work on this project, but if you happen to be in the Austin/San Marcos area between April 26-28, come check me out in Mr. Fest. I’ll be working my magic on the MPC and I’m expecting some special guests to come through for that as well. Be on the lookout for Terrence Spectacle’s project titled “Less Than Or Equal To Three”. It’ll provide the heat you need for an all American summer. Now if you’re looking for an immediate fix, I have production on my homie Elles Infanit’s upcoming project “Take 2”. That drops on March 6th. Swaggit.

7.  Anything else you’d like to pimp?


Here’s the  mix.  It’s titled Wurkaholics. It’s the first mix in a series of mixes I plan on doing for however long people like them, haha. This mix features artists I think deserved a share in the spotlight. Thank you for allowing me to put my art on your site. It’s something that does not go unnoticed. I’ll be debuting music from the previously mentioned 92 project this coming Thursday on Texas State University’s campus radio station, KTSW. I’ll be on the Local Show, which highlights local acts in the Austin-San Antonio area. If you have a spare two hours, be sure to listen in. Central time, don’t forget, haha. Have a good one.

1. HOWSWORK by Click-Clack
2. Suck A Dick 2012 After Party by Spaceghost Purrp
3. Pollen by N.O.M.A.D
4. Workaholics by Oddyssey feat. Raiden
5. Jumper Cables by A.Dd+ feat. Tunk
6. ANDROID 1032 by SiR. E.U
mp3: Wurkaholics Vol. 1 (Delano Taylor presents another Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mixtape)
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