XII Apostles by Je$u$

i’m not what you’d call a particularly religious man.  Fairly early in life, i decided that there were far better written and researched fictions out there, so i moved from Christianity to Star Wars and Dragonlance and haven’t really looked back since.  Now, if the Jesus they taught me about in Sunday School was half as cool as the Je$u$ on the Urban Waves label, i may well have led a much more church going life.  On XII Apostles, Je$u$ demonstrates his ability to turn samples into beats as opposed to water into wine, but trust me, these are some damn satisfying, thirst quenching beats right here.  These are exercises in funk, straight up, with ample servings of R&B and soul to keep your hymnal grooving.  And let’s be honest here, would you rather spend the afternoon with 12 homeless, unemployed ex-fishermen or 12 jams that will have your ass shaking in religious ecstasy?  Brothers and sisters, i don’t know what the hell he’s doing in three days, but i have seen the light, and his name is Je$u$!  Amen and hallelujah!

mp3: I (Je$u$ from XII Apostles)

mp3: VII (Je$u$ from XII Apostles)

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