Yellobone EP by Salva

by oddbodkins on October 27, 2011

Fresh from his Complex Housing EP earlier this year, Salva is back with the Yellobone EP, clearly designed to make you move a little something.  While the lead track is a throbber, and the accompanying remixes by LOL Boys and Shlohmo & 2KWTVR are dope, it’s those “other” tracks by the Friend of Friends beathead that make me tingly in all the right places.  If heavy synths and skittering drums are your thing, you won’t be disappointed.  “Obsession” easily is making my personal Top 10 List of Singles for the year.  It’s no secret, but i’ve got a thing for talkboxes (much love, Roger Troutman), and B. Bravo’s work on the machine here is hypnotic.  i don’t always recommend dance beats, but when i do, you can bet they’ve got vocal distortion.

mp3: Obsession ft. B. Bravo (Salva from Yellobone EP)

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