You Know You Want Natasha Leggero’s Coke Money

To quote the Bard, “If you can’t say something nice, well, by all means, come sit with me.”  i never said which Bard (OK, whoever wrote “Under the Cherry Moon”), but i feel pretty confident that Natasha Leggero would agree with the sentiment.  On her debut comedy CD, Coke Money, Leggero does not suffer fools gladly, and the pay-off is a damn funny set.  Playing between her rich bitch persona and a number of spot on character impressions of various white trash, she paints a world that is at once painfully real and hilariously wrong.

The highlight here has to be her take on toilet babies, but rants on Rite Aid workers and Jersey Shore maroons are close runners-up.  Caustic, sarcastic and spot on, Leggs (because she and i have that kind of relationship, her being a comedienne i’ve never met, me being a blogger she’s never heard of) is equally at home rallying around bygone eras of glamor as she is railing against the shallower end of the gene pool.  Personally, i’d have made more references to having appeared on Reno 911! than Chelsea Lately, but to each, their own, i suppose.  Regardless, there’s always an open seat for Leggs at my table for her next bitch fest.

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