Zut Alors!: Giving is Nifty

While our main goal here at LET is to talk about the music we love, sometimes we get the opportunity to do slightly more, too. As is no secret ’round these parts, I’m a HUGE Morphine/Twinemen/AKACOD fan, so when I saw the following note for the Mark Sandman Music Project, I thought it necessary to pass it along. This is a wonderful organization and I strongly recommend you drop them a few ducats if you can afford it. I did.

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Hello to all friends and fans of Morphine, Mark Sandman, HI-N-DRY, and friends and fans of good music and kids.

The Mark Sandman Music Project needs your help. We are working on a remarkable project that we think will enhance the lives of many young people. Our mission is to help kids play music together by providing space, instruments, programs, and mentoring. We’re seeking donations to help fund our pilot programs. We’re using a program called Firstgiving. Please visit the page, or our Myspace page, and donate in any amount you can. And if you could tell your friends and family about this program, you would be doing a lot to help us. Its not easy asking for money, so were preparing exclusive new releases available only to donors and friends.
Thanks for your help, and cheers.

Andrew, Billy, Dana, and all at HI-N-DRY and the Sandman Music Project”

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